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Apple Watch and its accessories

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                        Smart Watch Series 8 Ultra Men Women Calls Bluetooth Sport fit Smart watch of 2022 series 8 highly smart watch for men and women equipped with Bluetooth technology, an anti -water clock 8 wireless charging 8 LRA Full display screen High -resolution full screen, high -pixel lysigo resolution Design the narrow frame from all sides refuses to disturb the heavy black Cuvilla frame. More jobs: ● Bluetooth invitation ● Custom watch faces ● Stop screen time settlement ● Squad Switch Language ● Stere ● Measure a point every hour ● OLA ESPORT ● Sports Brand Model OLA ESPORT ● Heart rate ● Blood pressure ● Sleeping ● Blood oxygen ● Innocent call ● Certificate Message ● GPS tracking hours ● Siri function ● Rotate button with 3 1: 1 brand button version ● IP67 Waterpooof, do not take a shower or health care ● Reminded stable ● Alert reminder ● Find a bracelet ● The phone market ● Take control of photos ● Smart Voice Assistant Music (Siri Job) How to use BT call Bluetooth calling function requires a double Bluetooth signal, so you need to contact twice according to the instructions: Survey ① Quick response icon on a guide through a mobile phone browser, download the app customized application, and run the mobile phone.Find and connect Lysigo device in the app.Assertion searching for The device in Bluetooth for mobile phone (check the name of the device per hour to verify the information of the device), and determine the connection Esporte Bluetooth invitation to sync the mobile phone from the communications used frequently. So you can only use the watch to make a call and answer an hour. 2022 Smart Hours Ultra series 8 NFC Smartwatch Men Women Bluetooth Invitation for Water Water Resist            ..
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